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Australian Dream-pop duo Dreaming Soda release bubbly new single ‘Jake’

Hailing from the other side of the world, Melbourne Australia is arguably one of the most wholesome dream-pop duo’s to have existed. Dreaming Soda fuse heartwarming songwriting with lo-fi bedroom-pop beats that are delightfully mellow, yet still full of energy.

Their latest single ‘Jake’ is a homage to all the brothers who let their younger siblings watch them play video games, in an age before the walkthrough. There once was a time where if you got stuck on a game you just had to try your hardest and hope you passed the level, that feels kind of alien now!

‘Jake’ opens with a mellow synth that develops into a soft percussive lead, making space for the warm and bubbly vocals. It’s a sickly sweet song that is daringly infectious, you cannot help but succumb to Dreaming Soda‘s purity and charm.

As artists Dreaming Soda are not only crafting their own ebullient sound but also carving out an aesthetic that is continuously pleasing to the senses. It’s safe to say that they are a total vibe.

Listen to ‘Jake’ here: