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Southern California pop-punk legends FIDLAR return with another new single ahead of their new EP, due out early next year

After a three-year hiatus, FIDLAR are back. We’ve had a taste of their new material already, with ‘Sand on the Beach’, and ‘FSU’, but the new single, ‘Taste The Money’ should please any FIDLAR fan. 

The track is a back-to-basics pop-punk banger. The highlight of the track is the raw energy that FIDLAR still have. Every track is filled with these energetic performances that raise the band above the swarm of pop-punk that they could easily get lost in. Here, the track is driven forward by a bass riff that is joined by seriously raw guitars in the chorus. The drums are as relentless as ever. 

Vocally, FIDLAR sound just as good as you’d expect. Zac Carper’s energy solidifies him as one of the great pop-punk frontmen, if you had any doubt about this. In equal parts, powerful, whiny and sassy, his performance is everything you could hope for. 

FIDLAR’s new EP is expected in early 2023.

Listen/watch ‘Taste The Money’ here: