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Luke James
Luke James

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Gag Salon create a buzz around their forthcoming EP with striking post-punk single ‘My Gun’

Having announced their debut EP ‘Get A Load Of This Guy’ to be released on June 16th via Blitzcat Records, art-rock quartet Gag Salon treat us with new single ‘My Gun’.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Joseph Mumford says of ‘My Gun’, “It’s about a very agitated and isolated young man taking his anger out on the world”.

This tension is echoed in the frenetic guitar work that kicks the song off. It is soon joined by the quirky whirring keyboard to offset the cutting guitar. With tongue firmly in cheek, lyrics like “I’m just a middle class white boy, why is my life so hard” add a sense of playfulness to an already joyous track. The upbeat chorus bounces at pace as Mumford screams “I just want some attention!” and who are we to argue.

Given that Gag Salon came about from the remains of a function band, they’ve really gone straight to the other end of the pop spectrum. The controlled chaos of ‘My Gun’ sees the discordant guitar stabs hold hands with the fun keyboards and the vicious yet playful delivery of the vocals. As a taster of their debut EP, Gag Salon certainly knows how to pique interest.

Listen/watch ‘My Gun’ here: