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Kieran Webber
Kieran Webber

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After three years Trudy And The Romance returns with stunning new single ‘Angel’

It’s been three years since Trudy And The Romance have released a record but that silence has been broken by new single ‘Angel’. Signalling a turn in direction from their self declared “mutant pop” album ‘Sandman’, ‘Angel’ is halfway between folk country and Americana stadium rock.

With acoustic guitar driving the song, big electric guitar strums ring out over the top to make ‘Angel’ soar. Band leader Oliver Taylor’s vocals ooze passion from his raw but powerful tones as he sings this beautiful love song. Of ‘Angel’, Oliver says “True love triumphs mistakes and regret, and gives you a place back home. Angel celebrates this. It’s also a song about empathy – I hope the listener will feel inspired by that strength and compassion.” This optimism is palpable as each huge wave of electric guitar crashes from the speakers.

Having already gained support from media heavyweights like VICE, NME, BBC 6 Music and Radio 1 to name but a few, Trudy And The Romance have already got quite the following. You can’t help but feel that with this new change in direction, the future of Trudy And The Romance is going to be bright and the new found stadium sound they’re working towards may be more suitable than they’d hoped.

Watch/listen to ‘Angel’ here: