Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Label: Grand Jury Music

As the title suggests, ‘LP3’ is the third album from Minnesotan quintet Hippo Campus. When the band released their EP ‘Bad Dream Baby’ in 2021, it hinted at a new direction from their first two albums and ‘LP3’ sees them take these ideas and run. Opening two tracks ‘2 Young To Die’ and ‘Blew Its’ sees Hippo Campus lean heavily on the electronic side with barely a guitar in sight. Still with their indie and pop sensibility, Hippo Campus infuse each song with their beyond cool songwriting making them gorgeous indie/electronic hybrids.

The guitars make up for lost time on ‘Ashtray’ which feels almost like a Bombay Bicycle Club track with the beautiful guitar work sitting on top of the simple drumbeat. Add to that a couple of timing changes and it’s clear that Hippo Campus know how to keep tracks interesting. Singles ‘Bang Bang’ and ‘Semi Pro’ are indie pop heavyweights. Seemingly purpose written for summer, each track bursts to life and has that laid back vibe that Hippo Campus do so well.

‘Ride Or Die’ feels like a Vampire Weekend cut with bouncing reggae-light drums, summer vibes and a production so tight you could bounce a coin off it. In both their ‘Bad Dream Baby’ EP and on ‘LP3’, Hippo Campus have not only found a new direction, they’ve found a new lease of life.

Each song on ‘LP3’ is a bonafide pop hit with the creative percussion and inventive guitar work underpinning Jake Luppen’s smooth vocals. The production is as clean as they come and Hippo Campus are a band that are as cool as they come. From start to finish, ‘LP3’ is an indie pop gem that is the sound of a band elevating themselves to iconic status.