Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Label: Wax Bodega

‘Why Would I Watch’ is album number three from Michigan four piece Hot Mulligan, a band who boldly claim themselves on their Spotify as the “#1 Hot New Band”. Throughout ‘Why Would I Watch’, it’s hard to dispute that.

Hot Mulligan have a sound that is probably best described as a history of emo smashed together under a beautiful blanket of pop-punk or, as the band themselves have coined, Post-Emo.

Tracks such as ‘This Song is Called it’s Called What it’s Called’ veer between beautiful mid-western style twinkling lead guitar lines and powerful, bouncing pop-punk sections finishing off with a group singalong and it flows gorgeously.

‘Christ Alive My Toe Dammit Hurts’ is reminiscent of bands like Taking Back Sunday with an American teen gloss to their emotional rawness. Speaking of emotional rawness, Hot Mulligan take a break from the noise to strip right back for the acoustic ballad ‘Betty’ which is in tribute to the passing of a pet and has a somberness and beauty that can only come straight from the heart.

From there, they tackle the topic of losing connection with old friends on ‘Cock Party 2 (Better Than The First),’ which goes from mournful and softly played to a powerful back half that sees Hot Mulligan seemingly get angrier as the track progresses.

Though the topics may be serious, the band don’t take themselves seriously. With track titles as previously mentioned plus personal favourite ‘John “The Rock” Cena, Can You Smell What The Undertaker’ the track listing alone is a good read.

It’s their unwillingness to take themselves seriously, their incredible knack for pop, and vocals that are dripping with sincerity and emotion that make Hot Mulligan a “must listen” band. Though you probably shouldn’t really call yourself “#1 Hot New Band,” it’s really hard to argue with them.

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