We chat with emo-tinged pop-punk act Hot Mulligan prior to the release of their highly anticipated album ‘Why Would I Watch’.

As their UK tour wraps up and with a new album looming, we sat down with Tades, lead singer of self appointed “#1 hot new band” Hot Mulligan. Unfortunately a slight technical hitch meant that the audio that should’ve been recorded for this chat was lost in the ether so find enclosed a dramatic reconstruction of our chat with the absolutely delightful Tades.

It’s the last date of your UK tour tonight! How’s the tour been so far? 

“It’s been great, thanks! The crowds have been a little quieter than I thought they’d be if I’m honest. They just need a bit of encouragement every night.”

I would’ve said your music is encouragement enough!

(laughs) “Thanks. They’ve got a lot to live up to though after Glasgow!”

I’ve heard that Glasgow is always the crowd to beat 

“Yeah they were insane!!” 

How are the American crowds for you compared to the British crowd?

“It’s weird really. The crowds back home used to be pretty wild but once you start getting to the point you have railings in front of the crowd and the railings get further away, the crowds kind of get quieter and a little tamer.”

That’s the perils of fame!

“I guess so hahaha”

Your new album ‘Why Would I Watch’ is out on May 12th, what are excitement levels like in the Hot Mulligan camp? 

“I haven’t really thought about it to be honest. It’ll be cool to work some new stuff into the live set I guess.”

Have you started to play any new songs live yet? 

“Not really to be honest but once the album’s out then we’ll definitely be working a few more in there.” 

What’s the writing process for Hot Mulligan? Have you found it difficult now that it’s your third album and people are paying more attention? 

“I wouldn’t say it’s really been difficult, we just write what we write and put it out there and don’t really think about it. As for the writing, we all kind of contribute bits and we make something of it. Like, I’ll bring some trash guitar part and the band will come together to make something of it and make it sound good.”

I’ve got to ask about the song titles! With track names such as ‘Cock Party 2 (Better Than the First)’, ’Ssssh! Golf Is On’ and personal favourite ‘John “The Rock” Cena, Can You Smell What The Undertaker’ on the upcoming album, is there reasoning when you pick song titles or is it just something you have fun with?

“During recording, we’d give all our songs placeholder names so we could keep track of what we’re working on and they all just kind of stayed. The producer would ask for a name and we’d just kind of throw a bunch of names against the wall and see what sticks. Like on the way to record vocals I stubbed my toe so damn bad and so ‘Christ Alive My Toe Dammit Hurts’ was born.” 

If you had to pick a track from the album to recommend to new fans, which one would it be?

“I’d say if you don’t like God then ‘John “The Rock” Cena, Can You Smell What The Undertaker’ is for you and if you do like God, I mean why would you like this band if you like God, then ‘Shouldn’t Have A Leg Hole But I Do’ is probably better for you.” 

You’ve got this incredible sound that’s almost like a history lesson in emo in one hit, what do you consider to be your influences?

“I’m really into midwestern emo and so my favourite band is Free Throw. It’s a band I absolutely love that do that midwestern emo so well and so you can hear a lot of them in what I do. They’re just an incredible band that I can’t get enough of.”

You celebrate your tenth anniversary as a band next year, any big plans for it? 

“Not really. I guess if we’re not playing a gig then probably what will happen is I’ll be sat at home playing video games and I’ll get a text saying it’s our anniversary then I’ll go “oh yeah!” and then go back to playing video games.” 

Festival season in England is fast approaching with Download on the horizon. Have you played a festival over here yet? 

“We played Slam Dunk last year which was great but we only came to England for the first time last year so we haven’t had the chance to play any more yet. We’re always down to play festivals though. I’ve actually heard of Download and heard it’s meant to be great.”

I’ve been a few times and the people there are just some of the friendliest on earth.

“My girlfriend works at a club and she puts on death metal nights. I’ve met some of the people that go there and they’re so damn nice! I want to go to more of them and get in with the community and make some friends. I just need to work on liking death metal first.”

Good luck with that!

Tickets for Hot Mulligan’s UK tour came out on Wednesday, May 3, 2023, from 10am.

The band will be kicking off their tour on September 1, 2023, in Leeds’ iconic Stylus venue. From there, they’ll move on to Manchester, Glasgow and Nottingham – to name just a few.

The seven-date tour (which they’ll be embarking on with American band Spanish Love Songs) will culminate on September 8, 2023, where Hot Mulligan will play Birmingham’s O2 Academy 2.

You can grab tickets to Hot Mulligan’s tour by clicking this link.