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The latest single from indie bedroom artist Leon In The Wild offers up a tongue-in-cheek lyrics delivered in a stunning mellow package

The modern world is a strange place yet also incredibly beautiful, never before have we had such access and ability to create. This is particularly evident in the music world where there are now countless amazing artists creating and releasing music from the comfort of their own homes. One said artist taking advantage of this modern world is the San Francisco artist Leon In The Wild. His latest single ‘Track Shoes’ was written, recorded, and mastered at Leon’s home.

Speaking on his experience Leon explains:  “I’ve always made music while staying in the background,” says Leon. “I’ve always been the guitarist, the producer/engineer, the person mixing/mastering, background vocalist, etc. This is my first step into the wild as myself.  Being solo is scary… but therapeutic.  I need that. The world is too crazy to not seek therapy in whatever way helps you.”

The new single ‘Track Shoes’ opens with an array of mellowed guitar, sparkly keys, and soft percussion, it’s delightfully relaxed and oozing in good vibes. There’s a certain warmth that runs throughout the track, clearly influenced by its sun kissed surroundings of California. ‘Track Shoes’ is a beautiful bouquet of sounds that range and weave from indie, psychedelic, rock, dream-pop, it’s a wonderful collection that tickles the ears with every listen.

Leon explains ‘Track Shoes’ as: “Without pulling the curtain back too far, it touches on a relationship I have with a family member. It covers the immature tongue-in-cheek comments I’d say to this person in my head, spotlights my inability to figure out how to even start communicating again with this person, and even touches on how I occupy my thoughts with mindless tasks to avoid thinking about it.”

It’s a stunning release for the growing artist that boasts his ability to create tongue-in-cheek lyricism that is deeply personal with mellowed out indie-rock vibes. It’s delightfully catchy and is perfect for those summer playlists.

Listen to ‘Track Shoes’ here: