Luke James
Luke James

CLUNK Magazines chief album review guy and a lover of cats!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Label: Self-released

‘The Mothman’ EP is the new release from Cornwall’s own Mothman, The Man and it wastes little time in getting down to business. ‘Scott Pilgrim Type Beat’ hits the fuzz pedal and breaks all the knobs off as the hypnotic rhythm comes in like a sledgehammer. As grimy as grunge gets, the vocals drawl over the top at odds to the aggressive music.

‘Formaldehyde’ swaggers in shortly after with the strut of a 60’s glam anthem but with the distorted guitar of a stoner rock song.

‘Do You Hear The Sounds’ starts softly enough with acoustic guitar and eerie vocals but it’s only a matter of time before the speakers get threatened with implosion as the band kicks in. The haunting melodica only adds to the sense of unease.

‘Optimistic Fuzz’ is perfectly titled as, even though the fuzz is heavy on the guitars, it has an optimistic, playful energy to it, with a bounce to it that would make any mosh pit worth its salt pogo for the duration.

The double attack of ‘Headlights’ and ‘Concept of Time’ are unforgiving. ‘Headlights’ has a stomp to it that would sit right at home in a dingy dive bar while ‘Concept of Time’ goes for the punk energy with battering drums and a simple, heavy guitar riff.

As ‘Mothman pts. 1 & 2’ bring ‘The Mothman’ EP to a close, the acoustic guitar lulls you into a false sense of security. Just as you get comfortable, Mothman, The Man unleash a rockabilly fury with a plodding bass line, shuffle drums and a blanket of fuzzy guitar. It’s not hard to see why Mothman, The Man are becoming a prominent name on the Cornwall music scene with their take on grunge with pinches of punk, rockabilly and acoustic thrown in for fun.