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Luka Powell proves she is leagues ahead of her peers with latest single ‘Last Time’

Luka Powell‘ has had a globetrotting ‘s story is one of true intrigue, she originally was born in Derby, UK but grew up in Bahrain, Australia, the UAE. It’s safe to say that from young age she was already a globetrotter. She began her musical career at the age of 12 where she busked on the streets of Australia, it is here where she found her voice and honed her musical talents.

Since this time Luka has gone on to have her music featured on Virgin Radio, Dubai Eye, and opened for the likes of Frank Turner. She even performed at the Emirate Palace with a full orchestra and choir. Fast forward to 2022, after some time away to write Luka Powell returns with her latest single ‘Last Time’, a heartfelt number that is delightfully relatable. Thematically Luka invites us into a situationship that we have all been through, the feeling of knowing you should pull away from a partner, but you end up back in their trap. You promise yourself it’s the last time (and you said that last time), but here you are. This song describes and explores this relatable situation in a masterful manner.

Sonically Luka blends the classic pop sounds with an almost Kate Bush or Stevie Nicks flair, it’s a delightful listen that leaves the listener wanting more.

Luka Powell has already had an incredible career but if the quality of music stays at ths calibre then truly, sky’s the limit for this fledgling artist.

Listen to ‘Last Time’ here: