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Naomi Smith
Naomi Smith

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Miley Cyrus releases self-love infused single ‘Flowers’, taken from her forthcoming new album ‘Endless Summer Vacation’

Rockstar and former Disney star, Miley Cyrus releases her newest single “Flowers” from her upcoming album set to be released March 10th named ‘Endless Summer Vacation’. Her previous album was ‘Plastic Hearts’, which was shaped by her divorce in 2020. ‘Flowers’ has a very different vibe, it has shifted to a self-love journey as a single, insanely talented young woman in the music industry.

This 3-minute song shows us once again Miley’s vocal range and the talent she acquires. The lyrics are promoting her self-love and being able to be at peace with her own company, not needing someone else to buy her flowers.

‘Flowers’ offers a lighter approach by keeping it bassy and the drums light. Synth-like interferences are tampering away in the far background and the layers behind this hit are immense. It’s a song that will be lingering in the top 40 for a long time. The song itself has an upbeat and carefree nature.

This album seems to have the essence of becoming her own love story to herself. Kid Harpoon also worked on ‘Endless Summer Vacation’ and recently paired up with Harry Styles to create ‘Harrys House’ which soared in 2021, I think that is a good enough reason to think that this album will become one of the best to bless our ears in 2022.

Hopefully, Miley carries on with her political statements throughout this album and advocates for the LGBTQ+ community which she has tirelessly done through her past lyrics and gaudy music videos. Her music always has a way of sitting well with the gay community and that will definitely continue.

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