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Mewn’s new single ‘Two Days’ keeps you on your toes as chord progressions go against the grain

‘Two Days’ is the new single from Mancunian five piece Mewn and it’s the lead single from their forthcoming EP to be released through Simonie Records in the near future.

As the jaunty sounding guitar swaggers in over the shuffling snare, ‘Two Days’ is declaring itself a song that isn’t a run of the mill indie affair. Taking influence from great songwriters such as Radiohead and Arcade Fire, Mewn have crafted a song that keeps you on your toes as chord progressions go against the grain and the track may be likely to change on a dime. It’s this freedom in the songwriting that makes ‘Two Days’ interesting. With a chorus that is the light to the shade of the verse, the chords open up and the tone becomes one of happiness.

Of the new single, frontman Daniel Bluer explained: “‘In Two Days’ I think I am expressing feelings of longing and grasping. Directed more internally than anywhere else, striving to do and be better.” A sentiment that is echoed in the mixed tones throughout.

Having already received an arena support slot with The National, it can’t be long until they follow that same route and build a strong career of interesting, attention worthy songs.

Listen to ‘Two Days’ here: