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Kieran Webber
Kieran Webber

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The Welsh power-pop outfit Twin Stranger have shared their poignant new single ‘Sweat’

The Welsh indie power-pop four-piece Twin Stranger have come blasting out the iconic rural landscape of Wales with their new single ‘Sweat’. It’s a poignent release that explores the vacuous elements of the information age, a time where phones, apps and disinformation reign supreme. Lyrics such as “Revised photo in your magazine, is that what you want to believe?” ring true and leave a real imprint on the listener.

‘Sweat’ opens with shimmering synths and dream like guitars, a soundscape that quickly whisks you away. As the initial opening sweeps you off your feet soft vocals breeze through, creating an emotive atmosphere. It’s a retrospective sound that strikes eerily close to new wave artists from the 80’s, yet keeps the sound consistent with modern indie sensibilities. It’s an all encompassing sound that is delightfully infectious. There’s a continuous pull that is naturally imprinted throughout ‘Sweat’ which acts as a tractor beam for the listener. You’ll find yourself hitting the repeat button after each listen, it’s truly some sweet sounds that Twin Stranger create.

This is but one of the singles the band is aiming to release throughout 2022, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for their next release.

Listen to ‘Sweat’ here: