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L.A based indie rock outfit Mineral King returns with upbeat new single ‘Hear Me Out’

The land of dreams, ocean breeze, golden rays, a true paradise some would say, we are of course talking about Los Angeles, USA. A place which the indie-rock collective Mineral King call home, so it’s no wonder that their music would be bursting with good vibes, jangly guitars, and warm melodic vocals.

This is particularly present in their latest release ‘Hear Me Out’, an upbeat track that is practically bursting jubilation. The track opens with a jangly guitar that remains subtle throughout the whole track, whilst the lead guitar driven forward with a bouncy rhythm. The percussion drives the song forward with a gentle plod whilst the soaring vocals take lead. This culminated throughout to a variety of harmonious that boast the bands range and inventiveness. It’s certianly a rollercoaster of a track that is filled with classic elements that make bands such as Mineral King so alluring.

When listening to Mineral Kings back catalog you will notice previous releases are a little heavier, but that’s not to say they’ve lost their teeth. The power is still present but it’s indicative of a band that clearly wants to spread their wings and expand their sound.

Listen to ‘Hear Me Out’ here: