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Rejoice as irish duo Whenyoung return after two years with stunning new single ‘A Little Piece of Heaven’

Whenyoung rose to quick success with the release of their single ‘Pretty Pure’, an atmospheric indie-pop number that was driven by the sweet vocals of Aoife Power. It wasn’t long after this that the band was invited by Shane McGowan of The Pogues to play at his 60th birthday party in Dublin. From there the band went from strenght to strenght, rising in popularity fast. Their debut album ‘Reasons To Dream’ also saw them receive critical success nationwide, and then the band quietly disappeared.

It’s been two years since the band (duo) have released new music but the wait is finally over as they return triumphantly with the stunning new single ‘A Little Piece Of Heaven’. The track opens with a wobbly drum machine that creates a platform for the spoken word of Aoife, carrying similarities to Sinead O’ Brien. The duo have taken a step back from their previous releases, which carried a harder, more band orientated sound, we now have a more stripped back sound. The gap created by this move has only helped Whenyoung‘s sound grow in strength, giving Aoife’s vocals more room to soar, not to mention allow them to get more creative with the music as a whole. ‘A Little Piece Of Heaven’ continues their beautiful songwriting that seems to reverberate through the listeners entire body, truly they are masters of their craft.

Speaking of the track, Aoife says, “A Little Piece Of Heaven is a contemplation on the boldness and hurry of childhood. The naive expectations of adult life I had as a child have petered out along the course of growing up and I’ve learned that it’s the little things, like happy memories with family, that are the most important.”

Listen to ‘A Little Piece Of Heaven’ here: