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Kieran Webber
Kieran Webber

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Fledgling Irish artist Smythy cements his sound and talent with his latest single ‘Turn Back The Time’

Smythy, or Andrew Smyth to his friends is the fledgling new artist from Galway, Ireland who blends woozy indie sounds with pop centric choruses. It’s certianly a sound that leaves an imprint on the listener, particularly his new single ‘Turn Back The Time’.

‘Turn Back The Time’ opens with distant sounding dreamy guitars that quickly delve into shimmering array of synths and guitars. It’s not long before Smythy‘s ethereal vocals breeze through the noise, tickling the listeners ear with his Irish twang. It’s an undeniably beautiful track that whisks the listener off their feet and takes them on a sonic journey. As the track continues you’re taken to heights above the clouds, observing the world below. Before you know it though you’re briskly taken back down to earth, a satisfying feeling revolves around you. It’s a testament to the beautifully crafted music that Smythy is proving he’s a master at creating.

Speaking on the track Smythy explains: “The new single is a nostalgic indie pop song which tells the story of two former lovers taking a road-trip together and wishing they could rekindle their lost love.”

We’re only two singles deep into Smythy‘s journey and we’re hooked. Bring on the rest of 2022 where we hopefully get more from the Irish artist.

Listen to ‘Turn Back The Time’ here: