Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Label: Communion Music

Slimdan, or Danny Silberstein to his parents, got off to quite an accidental start. Never taking centre stage, Danny collaborated with artists in the studio as a co-writer with his career seeing co-writes with artists such as Diplo and King Henry. When an artist he was scheduled to write with cancelled, he went to the studio anyway to “just write from the heart and see what happened.” Though he never meant to stand in the limelight, we will all benefit from this coincidental start.

Taking the moniker Slimdan, Danny’s debut EP to anyone who cares’ is five tracks of sheer beauty. From the moment ‘Politics & Party Tricks’ skips in, you can’t help but get the feeling that Slimdan is a future icon. With the clean, bright electric guitar and joyful backing come lyrics of social anxiety and party-induced paranoia.

‘Hollywood, FL’ waltzes its way in soon after with minimal electronic beats, the bright tones of Slimdan’s guitar and lyrics about the depressing city of Hollywood, FL. ‘MVP’ is the kind of wistful acoustic song that could be featured in any cult indie film with Slimdan’s beautiful, vulnerable voice feeling like an embrace from a friend.

The sparse piano of ‘Magazines’ gives Slimdan’s vocals room to breathe and this song about his wife’s father’s cancer diagnosis carries all of the weight with little effort.

‘Be Somebody’ finishes the EP by bringing things back to the upbeat indie that Slimdan does so very well. Although this is only Slimdan’s debut it has all the confidence of an artist in the prime of their career. ‘to anyone who cares’ feels like one of those EP’s that people in the future will cite as one of their influences and Slimdan feels like he’s the voice of a generation.

While we may not know who that artist was that no showed leading to Slimdan recording his own material, we’ve all benefited from the result.