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Luke James
Luke James

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South Africa’s rising star Sparklet releases shining new single ‘Divinely’

Sparklet may be a fairly new name on the music scene but this artist from Cape Town already has the backing of huge Cape Town exports Beatenberg. Ross Dorkin and Robin Brink of Beatenberg are not only frequent collaborators with Sparklet but are also responsible for the recording of Sparklet’s latest single ‘Divinely’ which is a teaser for his debut EP ‘EP01’ which arrives on the 26th of May on Leafy Outlook.

As ‘Divinely’ edges in, the glitchiness makes it sound like you’re working off a terrible internet connection. As the track takes shape though, you are presented with intricate layers, each is sparse but collected together makes a beautiful glitchy tapestry. Sparklet’s sweet vocals float around the song, bringing out the joy in lyrics such as “everything feels like a song today”.

Of ‘Divinely’, Sparklet says “The song describes a sense of harmony that I felt that day on my commute through the city.” With each line bringing out a different sound, effect or entirely new section, Sparklet keeps you on your toes with that artistry of letting a song go where it wants to go. Divinely’ coupled with previous singles ‘Soft Rock, Baby’ and ‘Mykonos, SA’ display an artist that isn’t afraid to try something new and he does it so beautifully. If this is only the beginning then Sparklet is making themselves an artist to be followed even if they will keep you guessing every step of the way.

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