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Luke James
Luke James

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Quinn Christopherson teases with new single ‘2005’, taken from his forthcoming debut album

With an eagerly anticipated debut album on its way, Anchorage based Quinn Christopherson teases us with new single ‘2005’. An exercise in nostalgia, Quinn sings “my friends couldn’t get through the home phone, they knew to find me on MSN” and name checks puffer vests, ugg boots and Avril Lavigne in this trip down memory lane.

All delicately sung over joyful acoustic guitar and a throbbing bass drum, the fondness for these memories pours from the speakers as you can practically feel the smile on Quinn’s face. Synth pulsates and noises drift in and out as a drum beat subtlety works it’s way in to give ‘2005’ an infectious groove to it.

Of ‘2005’, Quinn explains “‘2005’ has big rose colored glasses energy. It wasn’t the best time for me, but ‘2005’ is a collection of memories that I can look back on fondly. I know we don’t ever get do-overs, but this is my way of creating my own.”

The good vibes are palpable as ‘2005’ pumps along emanating good vibes and even better memories. As the track builds and the synths surround you, Quinn poses that “If I could go back I’d say it’ll all get worse, nothing prepares you for this world, and you’ll want to go back to simpler times” with this simple message he builds ‘2005’ in to a noise that swirls around you before disappearing leaving you with a warm feeling. With ‘2005’, Quinn Christopherson is booking his place in the conversation of great songwriters and making his debut album, which is coming soon, one to be listened to.

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