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George Ward
George Ward

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After tearing up the UK live scene, The Goa Express drop ‘Portrait’, a short but sweet indie rock tune and their first under new label Communion

If you’ve seen The Goa Express before, you’d know that their sound is perfectly suited for festivals. Their youthful, carefree energy paired with some serious talent makes them such an exciting watch.

And, as new single ‘Portrait’ demonstrates, this energy translates very well over to studio material. Described by the band as exploring the “ups and downs” of ‘the amount of time you spend looking at someone’, the premise is simple. The chorus simply states: “You make me feel good, you make me feel so bad”.

Instrumentally, this charming simplicity is matched, yet, while simple, the track is never dull. Opened by a speedy drum fill, the energy is high right out the door. The bassline carries the track through while the rest of the band come in tightly and relentlessly when necessary. The highlight of ‘Portrait’ is definitely the drums, whose performance gives the track much of its character and drive. 

There are no flashy instrumental breaks, just tight, short, sweet indie rock. In such a short amount of time, the band manages to showcase their character and skill and why you should keep an eye out for them this summer.

Listen to ‘Portrait’ here: