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George Ward
George Ward

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Burnley indie rock band The Goa Express release uplifting new tune ‘Good Luck Charm’, after their new signing to Communion Records

The Goa Express are moving from success to success. Fresh back from SWX and a signing to Communion, the band today drop ‘Good Luck Charm’, the new single ahead of what looks to be a big year for the band. 

The boys hit us hard right out of the gate. Pounding distorted guitars hit again and again, before opening up into a nostalgic and fast-paced verse. When paired with the grainy camcorder footage from SWX, the track feels comfy, approachable and warm. 

The twang of the vocals gives the track real character, sounding like a heavier 1975 in the best way possible. The chorus, with the line “everyone needs a good luck charm, just a little something that keeps us safe, just a little something that keeps us warm” is incredibly sweet and genuine. 

The band’s signature riffs are on show in full force here, with heavy enough guitars to please the rock crowd and a catchy enough chorus to satisfy the pop-heads. It’s a short and sweet track that doesn’t outstay its welcome. 

The production captures the band’s wild live energy and you’ll be sure to see this in the flesh at this summer’s festivals, including Brighton’s Great Escape. 

Watch/Listen to ‘Good Luck Charm’ here: