Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Label: Positive Jams

By now, everyone should be familiar with The Hold Steady’s unique blend of Bruce Springsteen-sized upbeat rock with vocalist Craig Finn’s stories read over the top like he was recounting his life to a close friend. If you’re not familiar, worry not as the Brooklyn sextet are back once again with new album ‘The Price of Progress’.

Whether it’s the synth tinged swagger of opener ‘Grand Junction’, the funky verse leading to the arena rock chorus of ‘Carlos is Crying’ or the slow shuffle of ‘Distortions of Faith’, each track on ‘The Price of Progress’ comes dripping in whisky and a life of experience.

There’s something about the way each track explodes to life that will have you reaching to turn the volume up. With a sound that sits somewhere between the classic arena rock of someone like Springsteen and the roughneck underground emo of a band like The Replacements, the music is infectious, raw and gigantic.

With live shows that feel like a drunken love-in with several hundred of their closest friends, you can already imagine the smiles in the sweaty crowd as a track like ‘Sideways Skull’ or ‘Flyover Halftime’ unites a crowd. It’s little wonder that The Hold Steady hold such a fond place in so many hearts.

With a sound and energy that is about as infectious as it gets from Americana infused rock, ‘The Price of Progress’ nestles beautifully in with their tremendous back catalogue and ensures that no one forgets the name The Hold Steady.

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