Luke James
Luke James

CLUNK Magazines chief album review guy and a lover of cats!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Label: Warner Records

After releasing their second album ‘How Do You Love?’, LA four piece The Regrettes were riding high with headline shows, festival slots and constant touring.

When they retreated back home in the pandemic and LA shut down, they went through something of an identity crisis after the touring that had become their life of two years had been ripped away. When they were allowed to regroup, they spent 10 days together in Joshua Tree and what we have as a result is their new album ‘Further Joy’.

Where before The Regrettes were firing out poppy garage rock bangers, they have now entered the pop territory in earnest. Look no further than ‘Anxieties (Out Of Time)’ with its twinkling verses and euphoric chorus. The groove is infectious and the syrupy sweet feel to it is palpable. ‘Anxieties (Out Of Time)’ deals with the subject matter in the title. “An existential crisis and it’s only Monday” sums up the second track ‘Monday’. While the guitars may remain in tracks such as the upbeat electronic pop punk feel of ‘Better Now’, the synths and electric drums are most prevalent on ‘Further Joy’. ‘La Di Da’ has a joy pouring out of it that will have you singing along with the titular “la di da” in no time at all. Lyrically, it has an edge to it that belies the upbeat feel to it.

With this new direction, The Regrettes have instantly made themselves visible with an album full of gorgeously gooey pop.