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Willow Shields

London’s least professional music photographer and journalist, can be found most evenings in your local small venue drinking vodka lemonades and being told secrets.

Hello all, hope you had as lovely of a long weekend as I did (hence the Tuesday post rather than the goal of Saturday). This week we’ve seen some gorgeous releases, and today I’m here to tell you my thoughts on a few of them. My personal pick’n’mix this week features new music from Jockstrap, Hutch, Temptress and Lizzo. With a special treat at the end in the form of ‘Willow’s Ear Worm’ in which I tell you a little bit about a new or old song I’ve not been able to get out of my head this week. 

To start the week off with a bang, or more of the last bubble released underwater; Jockstrap gave us ‘Concrete Over Water’. A haunting, pretty track, that’s frankly quite creepy at some points. The song is so oddly familiar I caught myself at multiple points searching to see if it was a cover, but I can’t find anything in this little brain of mine. It’s so very intimate, as if you’re reading a musical unrequited love letter. ‘Concrete Over Water’ is made for sitting in a window on a rainy day while feeling sorry for yourself. 

On Friday we got the latter portion of the covered music from this week. Long time friends of CLUNK, Hutch, released their debut single ‘Radiator Centre’. A brainworm of a track, no seriously. It will be stuck in your head for at least a week with a single listen, opt in at your own risk. It’s a dreamy track you can lose yourself in, even if it’s about a shop that sells radiators in Brighton. It’s a masterclass from Hutch on quirky story telling, accompanied by catchy riffs and heavenly harp chords. It officially solidifies Hutch as THE one to watch out for this year. 

Temptress have returned after their EP ‘Body’ with a new track titled ‘That Feeling’. It’s a dreamy, lowkey DnB track that just makes you want to move. With classic Temptress spacey vocals backed up with a fresh sounding beat. It’s a corner turned for the London Two piece and I’m personally going to have it on repeat. My personal sound of the summer for sure.  

A beautiful disco ballad of love and hope, Lizzo has released her newest single ‘About Damn Time’. Taken from her album ‘Special’ coming July 15. It’s obviously a piece of musical genius, coming from Lizzo. She told Zayne Lowe (Apple Music, formerly BBC R1) “I’m writing songs about love from every direction, and I hope that I can turn a little bit of the fear that’s been running rampant in this world, energetically into love. That’s the point. I had a lot of fear, and I had to do the work on myself, and this music is some of that work in turning that fear into love.” 

Watch the music video for ‘About Damn Time’ here:

Willow’s Ear Worm

This was a difficult one to start on I have to admit to you, fellow music fans. Because I have had the new tracks from Florence and The Machine on repeat, same with the new Fontaines DC tunes. However this song has made a mental, physical and worldly change in my life. That song is Mitski‘s ‘I Bet On Losing Dogs’ from album ‘Puberty 2‘. It’s one of those songs that you can’t only get out of your head but when you’re not even listening to it, you’re thinking about it. Obviously Mitski is one of the best of the best, but I wasn’t on the Mitski train for a while and I have absolutely no clue why. She perfectly encapsulates the feelings of unrequited love, sadness but also the joy of being in love while also being devastated about it. It’s just perfect.