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Kieran Webber

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The recently emerged psychedelic outfit from Brighton returns in whimsy with their latest single ‘Versions’

Brighton’s latest merchants of psychedlia Toyz returns with the whimsical new single ‘Versions’, following their last single ‘St.Helena’. It’s another taster of the sound the band are harnessing, showing us that their sonic toolbelt is full and ready to be utilised. Although they sit nicely in the psychedelic genre, they’re able to shift gears and create music that sounds fresh and inventive.

This is particularly present in their latest release ‘Versions’, which sees the band move away from the groove laden, Roxy Music inspired beats of the previous release. In ‘Versions’ we are treated to a more mellow soundscape that burns deeper in the inventiveness of the band. This time round jangly guitars take the lead, whilst synths and drum machines create a soft pillow for the listener to lay their weary head. With each listen you are treated to something new, whether that’s the heartwarming lyrics, delivered in the most chilled delivery, or the layered saxophone that dabbles throughout.

Toyz are relatively new but they’re fast becoming one of our favourite bands to emerge in recent months, we cannot wait to see what else they deliver during 2022.

Listen to ‘Versions’ here: