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The second single from Rosie Carney ‘Break The Ground’ is truly something special

‘Break The Ground’ is the second single from London based singer-songwriter Rosie Carney’s upcoming sophomore album ‘I Wanna Feel Happy’, released May 27th. From the first gentle strains of acoustic and breathy backing vocal swells, you know this is going to be special.

When Rosie Carney’s gorgeous breathy yet strong vocals emerge, you can’t help but feel like you’re being drawn into a hug. Lyrically, ‘Break The Ground’ is based around Rosie’s anxiety around social media pressure to be an Instagram or TikTok icon when you’re an up and coming young musician, Rosie says “Every new musician seemed to be a natural born influencer and I found that so, so difficult. It felt like everyone just went ‘OK cool let’s jump on live’ and meanwhile I was flailing my arms and having panic attacks at the thought of having to talk to camera.”

Rather than tread that already beaten path, Rosie took inspiration from Taylor Swift’s return to folk on her album ‘Folklore’ that reminded her that she can be whatever artist she chooses to be. In the case of ‘Break The Ground’, that art takes the form of a beautifully crafted indie folk song that at both times feels personal yet has an open air feeling to it like lying in a hammock on a summer day. With a beautifully soft voice and a knack for writing songs that lends her an authenticity it takes years to attain, Rosie Carney is going to be one of those artists that will bear the torch for the next wave of folk musicians. When her album ‘I Wanna Feel Happy’ drops on May 27th, make sure you’re there so you can say you followed her from the start.

Listen to ‘Break The Ground’ here: