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American bedroom psychedelic artist Yoder releases vibrant new single ‘Daffodils’

Yoder, who hails from New York, USA is an artist that carries many layers into their proverbial musical wardrobe. From the bedroom pop inspired beats to the left-of-field psychedelic take to production, Yoder traverses the many soundscapes available. The latest release ‘Daffodils’ boasts Yoder‘ ability to brush past the norm and create something that is inventive and interesting.

‘Daffodils’ opens with a hazy recording of birds chirping, creating an inviting atmosphere, close your eyes and you’re almost taken to the dream-like park Yoder might be singing from. As this dissipates Yoder‘s vocals breeze through which are reminiscent of John Lennon‘s far out drawl. In fact the whole release has Beatles undertone, thanks to the kaleidoscope take on indie/bedroom pop.There is a layer of what a can only be described as carnival music throughout the track, harking back to a Sgt. Pepper soundscape. Lyrically the track shines, as Yoder details life in the previous lockdowns, a sense of longing for normality, a extremely relatable feeling, even now post-pandemic.

Listen to ‘Daffodils’ here: