Words and Header Image by Kieran Webber

Ty Segall has never been one to shy away from cover songs, wether that is recorded or live. Across his extensive career he has covered tracks from Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath & Hawkwind to name just a few. Recently the relentless artist has announced that his next release, ‘Fudge Sandwich’ is to be a covers album. So with this in mind we thought we’d have a look at some our personal favourites of Ty’s covers.

Every 1’s A Winner – Freedom’s Goblin 

Originally by Hot Chocolate (1978)

Arguably his most infectious and fun cover that Ty has done so far. This track was a surprise favourite on his most recent release with the Freedom Band. We see Ty and his band of merry men entering into the world of disco and making it very much their own. This fuzzed out, distorted behemoth of a track is nothing short of wildly infectious.

Cherry Red – Spiders EP/Singles 2 

Originally by The Groundhogs (1971)

Ty’s take on the 70’s blues-psych band is a raw, fuzzy and explosive rendition that bears his influence to the world. Although Ty gets inventive with the reverb on the vocals this cover is pretty close to the original, which is no surprise as The Groundhogs are an obvious infuence behind his own music.

Waterloo Sunset – Something Else A Tribute To The Kinks 

Originally by The Kinks (1967)

Ty manages to play homage to one of the greatest songs written in the last 100 years in such a beautiful way. It is a close rendition but also has elements of Marc Bolan thrown in the mix for good measure. It’s nice to see Ty cover a song and not just crank up the fuzz and distortion (although that is always welcome for the most part).

20th Century Boy – Ty Rex

Originally by T-Rex (1973)

Ty’s take on this iconic track by T-Rex is a chaotic version that sees distorted and fuzzed out guitars taking the lead. This matched with a flurry of solos towards the end makes for an interesting if not intense take on what was a essentially a pop track from the 70’s.

Take Up Thy Stethoscope & Walk – Reverse Shark Attack

Originally by Pink Floyd (1967)

Taken from the joint album Ty did with Mikal Cronin. This song see’s them dance elegantly in the originals psych infuence matched with their trademark chaotic sound. Expect the fast building riffs matched with Ty’s infamous jagged edged solos, also be prepared for plenty of reverb.

‘Fudge Sandwich’ will be released via In The Red Records October 26th 2018, pre-order here.