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Ahead of their debut album, ‘Unlearning’, Scottish band WALT DISCO drop the super fun and confident track, ‘How Cool Are You?’

WALT DISCO, one of the boldest new bands from the UK, pride themselves on their inclusivity and creativity, and this is on full show with their new single, ‘How Cool Are You?‘. If their aim is to create “a youthful, contemporary and queer world”, this song could easily be its soundtrack.

The song is crazy. It is insanely catchy, unpredictable and really, really fun. The main hook of “La La La La” is such a simple idea, yet its delivery, complete with crowd-sung vocals and children cheering, is joyous. The track is a fan-favourite at their live shows and it isn’t hard to imagine their crowd going mad to this chorus.

Instrumentally, the song is dense. The drums thump through the track, while guitars are interspersed sparingly and the keys jump playfully from octave to octave. The bass slide into the chorus is cheesy but fits right in with the melodrama of the rest of the instrumental. Listen closely and you’ll hear claps and even a motorbike revving. It is absurd and WALT DISCO embrace this entirely.

The lyrics praise their subject: “How cool are you with your leather clothes”, a delightfully tongue in cheek lyric that is deloivered in a boat size sassiness. Jealousy runs through the song and as the lead singer sneers “you’re so f****** cool…” the “pop pomposity” promised by the band does not disappoint.

As well as a new album, WALT DISCO have announced their biggest UK / EU tour yet, with the band reaching out to local bands for support and even young fashion designers to style them. Once you’ve seen the band’s look, you’ll see how much of a compliment it is to be asked to do this.

Debut album ‘Unlearning’ will be released via Lucky Number on April 1st. Pre Orders and tickets for their upcoming tour are available now.

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