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The Dutch alt-rock trio have shared their stunning new single ‘Ocean View, after a short stint away from the public eye

After a year working on new music away from the public eye, the Dutch alt-rock trio have shared ‘Ocean View’, the title track from their upcoming EP set to be released March 4th.

Ocean View’ is a stunningly well-crafted song. A simple drum beat, waves of synths and Koen van de Wardt’s elegant crooning voice combine to make a beautiful soundscape. The way Klangstof artfully build up and then strip back layers of sound feels like a tidal pull, this natural rhythm adding to the dreamy ambience.

The single first came about a few years ago during sessions in Los Angeles. After a frustrating and unproductive day, Koen and Wannes Salomé jokingly titled the track ‘We Tried, They Failed’. However, with the help of bandmate Erik Buschmann the song morphed into ‘Ocean View’, in which Klangstof enjoy the freedom of making music back home in the Netherlands.

Koen describes the “The feeling of being trapped that we had in LA is now completely gone. ‘Ocean View’ ’is like looking into an open world, a mirror of ultimate freedom. The song’s story is now the complete opposite of what it was originally about.”

The entire ‘Ocean View’ EP was written in just two months and recorded in five days with producer Thijs van der Klugt in Studio Kabaal in Haarlem. Klangstof are following the release of their upcoming EP with a European headline tour, starting with a London gig at The Lexington. Klangstof’s anticipated third album is set to be released later this year.

Listen to ‘Ocean View’ here: