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Willow Shields

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Dear Reader, welcome to the first week of Willow’s Weekly in which I (Willow) catch you up on my favourite releases of the week! In this debut instalment we look at Preen, Personal Trainer, Courting and Jack Harlow’s releases this week.

London sweethearts Preen have released their sophomore single titled ‘Married Life’ and in a word it’s groovy. However, since I’m here I’ll add a few more. Preen have once again charmed us with their sweet harmonies and heartbreaking lyrics, it’s one that has stuck with me from their live sets which I’ve had the pleasure of consuming far too few times for my liking. ‘Married Life‘ is yet again another example of Preen using their exemplary story-telling skills to enchant and enthral us, and dragging us into fictitious marriage drama!

Milk’ is the title of Personal Trainer‘s newest offering to the masses. Hailing from Amsterdam, Personal Trainer are an eclectic group. With members ebbing and flowing like a river picking up rocks and sticks on the way to the sea, but better because they’re a band and not sticks and rocks in a river. ‘Milk’ is a different side of the band I’m glad to see, with the vibes of a slightly wonky waltz, since it’s about drinking ‘straight from the carton’ of milk, what else do you expect?  You can imagine it being slap bang in the middle of their live set where everyone can catch their breath a bit before the song starts to build again and were once again thrust into the middle of the whirlwind that Personal Trainer is at the centre of. 

Where to start with the new Courting single ‘Tennis’? It’s sexy, it’s raucous, it’s a fucking masterpiece. It’s hard not to think of 2011’s icon of cinema ‘Friends with Benefits’ starring Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake and the tennis analogy that sprung from that. Anyway, it sees the band’s songwriting level up and max out. That’s coming from the genius of ‘Grand National‘, ‘Popshop‘ and ‘Football‘. They like their sport, don’t they? It’s the newest look at what’s to come for Courting and if that’s anything like ‘Tennis‘, I’m very much looking forward to what they have in store for us next. They have also announced a monster UK tour that sees Courting in a city or town near you, if you live in or near to: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds, Hull, York, Sheffield, Stoke-on-Trent, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol, Exeter, Plymouth, Bournemouth, Southampton, Oxford, Reading, Guildford, Brighton, Cambridge or London.  

Continuing the week jam packed with single releases, Jack Harlow dropped his single ‘First Class’ on Friday. Off the back of the mind boggling success of a planned-tik-tok-leak which saw the chorus getting just shy of 143k videos made, Jack Harlow and team whipped round and did what all musicians who go viral try (and mostly fail) to do: release the song while it’s still relevant. The tune itself samples Fergie’s 2006 hit ‘Glamorous’ and is two minutes and fifty three seconds of Jack Harlow being the ultimate ‘white boy of the month’. His lyrics are clever and he’s sickly sweet and charming. I don’t know how to phrase it without saying he’s sexy and he makes sexy music, nonetheless I recommend it. It’s a TikTok instant classic and it highlights the importance of Tik Tok (and wider social media) in music today, like, everyone already knows the words and it only came out 48 hours ago! 


First Class available everywhere. Enjoy.

♬ First Class – Jack Harlow

He also performed at the kid’s choice awards last night, which was quite a bold move from Nickelodeon, at which he got slimed. Great laughs, great tunes, weird setting. Ultimately hilarious. That’s me done, see you next week.