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What’s the best way to celebrate ten years together as a band? Release a banging album! This E.P is already being called a masterpiece and it’s easy to see why

The quartet, who are known across the world as a band that make beautiful music, have plans to release a more emotionally driven E.P and this writer is not complaining one bit.

With every bit of success coming to the four-piece, it’s no surprise that this news has had everyone shaken to their core. But when it comes to making timeless music, that is Wolf Alice’s speciality. 

To understand more about the project, Ellie Rowsell (vocals, guitar) says:  “Blue Lullaby came about because we wanted to strip down some of our more emotional songs from Blue Weekend and see if they hit any differently. We also had a really nice moment during the Blue Weekend campaign singing one of our songs with a choir and we wanted to experience that again with a few other songs, especially as there are a lot of harmonies and a lot of vocal layering on Blue Weekend. Hearing multiple voices singing together is an unparalleled feeling to me so I’m happy we got to record this experience and I hope people enjoy it.”

With a tour ready to go and various festivals ready to be played, the band are ready to show the world exactly why they are a much-needed four-piece. Especially given that this is a decade since they began as a duo of Ellie and Joff Oddie, then later expanding to a four-piece, with Joel Amey and Theo Ellis joining the group. This is a tour and an E.P that means more than most people think.

Blue Lullaby’ is set to be released via Dirty Hit on June 24th, 2022 and excitement is only the beginning of words and phrases to describe what more music from Wolf Alice means to fans across the globe.