By Tom Tozer

Two-piece Bob Vylan is making waves in the London music scene. The band’s social and political attitude concocted with their melodic ability creates a musical cocktail that bursts with energy and purpose. They are a band with a message and you can’t help but listen to it through their music.

Their newest track hitting our ears ‘We Live Here’ is the punk duo’s first release since the highly rated ‘Dead EP’ which was backed by VICE. The track is racially led, politically direct and pressing. Bob Vylan have also received a spot on NME’s 100 lists and picked up a Doc Martin Campaign.

‘We Live Here’ is a teaser track to the bands’ upcoming EP, due to be released later this year with Venn Records. This band has exciting and provocative times ahead of them, they could be important for the music scene in years to come. 

Listen to ‘We Live Here’ here: