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Grace Busby
Grace Busby

Have lived in Cornwall for 4 years now and am low-key scared of the sea, but also couldn’t imagine not being able to sit and look at it. My first taste of proper live music was at Boardmasters in 2017, where I got greedy and decided I wanted the rest of my life to have beach vibes but also be full of music, art and culture. 

Essex-based outfit Low Lying Sun released their debut EP ‘Hymn To Say Goodbye’ back in April, introducing themselves and their ability not only to create music, but a heavy atmosphere for each track

After killing it on the UK’s live circuit, including supporting The Native on their UK tour, Low Lying Sun have returned with their new release ‘Heaven Knows’. This new single really twists the knife left in our chests from the EP, as their most raw and powerful release yet. 

‘Heaven Knows’ has been described by the band as being about “running the scenario through in your head as to whether or not you should fully let something in when it rears its head again.” It is an anthem for breakups, train journeys back from a nice time, and long and thoughtful headphone walks. 

Low Lying Sun consists of frontman Michael Hemmings, guitarist Ross Connell, bassist Matt Chan, and drummer Noah Booth. I would describe them collectively as the cool younger brother of Aquilo, having nailed the ability to create both vocals and instrumentals that feel like they’re travelling through you. Everything ever released by Low Lying Sun feels like reliving a memory, but ‘Heaven Knows’ feels like being involved in a painful but heartfelt conversation. 

‘Heaven Knows’ is an anthem for the nostalgic, and Hemmings’ soft and echoing vocals mark this as one to make the indie kids cry. Low Lying Sun manage to really capture emotion by flecking their music with little bits of pain and regret, but also understanding and reassurance. Music is meant to help us rejoice in sadness, or be sad about good things that have passed, and ‘Heaven Knows’ provides the backdrop for this. 

Listen to ‘Heaven Knows’ here: