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George Ward
George Ward

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Manchester shoegaze band drop heavily atmospheric single ‘Sombre by the Weekend‘, their first release under Heist or Hit Records

If you’re into shoegaze, cruush should be on your playlist. Their sound combines the classic sound of 90s era my bloody valentine with cleaner and more poppy vocals. After supporting fellow shoegazers BDRMM, as well as NewDad and The Lounge Society, they have now signed with label Heist or Hit Records. 

Alongside this announcement, cruush have dropped ‘Sombre by the Weekend’: a heavy but gorgeously atmospheric single. From the first second, the wall of sound hits you. Distorted guitars swirl around constantly, while the drums steadily keep the pace. The minutes fly by while you sink into the atmosphere they create. 

The instrumentation fades away to give space for the vocals. The sweet voice of Amber Warren combined with the heavy guitars perfectly embodies what the band describes as “The sweet elements of having a crush on someone but the screeching of an industrial car crusher”. 

The best shoegaze music can have you want to turn up your speakers as loud as possible while still allowing you to drift off while listening. This is definitely achieved by cruush.

Listen/watch ‘Sombre by the Weekend’ here: