Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Label: Nice Swan Records

After teasing us with latest single ‘Mental Maths’ and with an extensive tour on the way, Leeds four-piece English Teacher are ready to unleash their EP ‘Polyawkward’.

Starting gently enough with the jangling guitars of the title track, English Teacher don’t take long to inject some post punk magic into proceedings courtesy of stabbing guitars and jaunty minor keys. While English Teacher may hint at other genres, ‘Polyawkward’ as a track is firmly rooted in indie. Lily Fontaine’s sweet vocals pair nicely with the dreamy synth and bright guitar work.

Previous single ‘A55’ floats in soon after with the dreamy guitar supporting Fontaine’s gorgeous voice. A slightly dramatic feel to it with strings edging in and building up, English Teacher drop it back to guitar and vocals several times until they let the music fly and the strings swirl around you as the track builds with thick layers of music on top of each other.

Latest single ‘Mental Maths’ is next with its sideways guitars and witty lyrics singing of the anxieties that can surround a simple shopping trip.

Spoken word and sparse noises kick off ‘Yorkshire Tapas’ before an impressive bass line introduces a pounding drumbeat. While the guitars never take centre stage, they fill the songs every space with some low-key aggressive playing.

‘Good Grief’ wraps up ‘Polyawkward’ with another dancing bassline sitting on top of the strutting drum, whistling synth and ever-changing guitar. On ‘Polyawkward’, English Teacher have found their own little corner somewhere between indie and Post Punk. With jangling guitars turning to small flurries and drums swaying between strutting and pounding, there’s enough on ‘Polyawkard’ to keep you guessing. With Lily Fontaine’s vocals and witty lyricism to sweeten the deal, you can’t help but feel that English Teacher may just be the next big thing.