Words by Kieran Webber | Header Image by Samuel Morgan

Buying materialistic things is something every single one of us is guilty of, for a brief period of time the purchase makes you feel great. Until it wears off and then you don’t. In today’s modern consumerist society this is something that is felt all to often. The truth is when we die none of this matters. The New York based artist The Qualia tackles this strange world we live in through their music. It’s smart, heartfelt and somewhat tongue in cheek indie rock that is digestible (ironically) by the masses.

Their latest single ‘(When You Die) You get Anything You Want’ is a 60’s inspired track that is pushed forward by a carefree melody. It tackles the above subject in a fantastic way, not too invasive or preachy. Simply by stating that in reality we don’t need these things.

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